Healthy Sleepwear

How it all began

The idea for our business started a few years ago when my friend Judi was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

With the various treatments she had to undergo – she still wanted to maintain some independence – to feel comfortable – and to look her usual stylish self.

We figured that there were lots of other people who could benefit from a product that would fit HER needs. My nursing and fashion experiences came to the fore, and Healthy Sleepwear was created.

Sadly Judi is no longer able to share our journey, but Healthy Sleepwear is now providing functional, comfortable and stylish sleepwear and leisure wear for men and women everywhere.

Our Range

The range consists of nighties and reversible wraps, pyjamas, night shirts, and robes for ladies and gentlemen for sleepwear, and also long pants and ¾ sleeve top for ladies which is leisure wear for day or for sleeping. They are all designed to open across the shoulders, so while they can be used by anyone at any time, they are particularly special in palliative care.

All of our clothes are made from a bamboo fabric chosen by us specifically for its amazing softness and other wonderful qualities. It is……

  • Hypo allergenic: Soft, silky, and perfect for those who experience reaction to other fabrics
  • Anti Bacterial and Antifungal: after multiple washes, fabric remains fresh and odour free.
  • Breathable: Natural micro gaps in Bamboo fibre, enhance ventilation, keeping you cool in summer and in winter acting as a good insulator.
  • Moisture Absorbent:   Bamboo fabric wicks the moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. Due to inherent properties in the fabric it will not absorb odour.
  • Renewable Resource:  Bamboo is a fast growing plant which thrives on marginal land without fertilizer and chemicals and needs very little water to flourish.
  • Anti Static and Biodegradable

How to Order

Our products are all online so it’s really easy to order. A video shows just how adaptable the styles are in practice.

Buy Healthy Sleepwear and Support COUCH

As you go through the order process, you will be asked if you would like Healthy Sleepwear to make a donation of 10% of the cost of the garment to COUCH. Please tick the box for COUCH so that we know where to direct our donation. Thank you.

Healthy Sleepwear takes care of you when you most need a little TLC.

Our contact details

Our web site is

My mobile is 0438090308 and email is

Please contact me if you have any questions or would prefer to order over the phone. I’m always happy to have a chat and answer any queries.

Very best wishes. Jann McLennan.


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